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h2. Status


h2. Contact

_Catherine Jones, STFC_

h2. User Story

_As the content holder/manager of scientific data held in a local format, i wish to migrate this data into a domain standard format to reduce the risks of losing the ability to read/use and reuse the data contained within the file format._

h2. User Requirements/Components

_A tool/suite of tools to migrate from the local format to the domain standard. This would have the following functionality_
* _The ability to identify the local format files (main file and associated log files)_
* _The ability to identify the type of instrument (schema changes depending on instrument)_
* _The ability to migrate the data_
* _The ability to do quality assurance, both structural and semantic_

h2. Experiments

_Create experiments as child pages and they should appear automatically here_
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*Migrate raw to NeXuS format* (AD)
Data: STFC raw files & associated metadata/logs. Some may be sharable - TBD.
Workflow: Yes - incorporates all the elements.
Issues: NeXuS format can point to external files - need to consider raw to NeXuS in the event of these external links being used.

h2. Developer Notes

_Space for discussion, suggested solutions, links to other scenarios, etc._

h2. Related Documents

_Scenarios, case studies, etc. that provide background to this story._