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h2. Investigator(s)

[Bolette Jurik|] (SB)

h2. Dataset

[SP:Danish TV broadcasts, mpeg videos], [Danish TV broadcasts, mpeg-2 transport stream|SP:Danish TV broadcasts, mpeg-2 transport stream] and Danish Radio broadcast MPEG1-Layer 2.

This characterisation is done at ingest time, when new data is added to the collection. The daily Radio/TV broadcast ingest is around 800GB - 1TB.

h2. Platform


[SP:SB Video File Ingest Platform]

h2. Workflow

The Taverna workflow is part of the [SB youseeingestworkflow Github repository|].


h2. Requirements and Policies

_Policy statements that relate to this experiment and any evaluation criteria taken from SCAPE metrics_


h2. Evaluations

[EVAL Characterisation and validation of audio and video files during ingest]