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h2. Status

h2. Contact

Alistair Duncan, STFC

h2. User Story

As a collector of research objects that contain many internal and external links I need a digital preservation system that can montior and verify that those links resolve correctly so that I can ensure the completeness of my digital research objects.

h2. User Requirements/Components

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h2. Experiments

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*Connecting research objects to SCOUT* (AD)
Data: STFC Research Objects
Workflow: No.
Issues: We need more knowledge of SCOUT and how this may work.

h2. Developer Notes

Ensure research objects make use of persistent URIs? The system would need to be able to resolve these peristent identifiers.

Nb. Links breaking is the simplest form of this, but it is possible that research datasets change versions at the same URIs so ensuring the same thing comes back is also an option.

h2. Related Documents

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