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h2. Description
PDF permits the use of encryption as a means of restricting access or (re-)use of content. This may range from documents that can only be opened after providing a password, to disabling specific functionality (e.g. printing, copying content).

h2. Risks
* Content may become inaccessible if passwords are not known (even though "cracking" is often technically possible, institutions may not be legally permitted to do this)

h2. Assessment
How to assess whether a particular file is affected by this. Includes tool link(s) + concise description of how we can get the required information from this tool. Use XPath expressions if tool produces output in XML format, e.g. see below:

|*Tool*|*Affected if expression returns _True_*|
|[Jpylyzer]| {{"/jpylyzer/isValidJP2 = 'False'"}}|

h2. Recommendations
Recommendations on what action(s) to pursue in case file is affected by this problem. Optional.

h2. Example files
Links to example files, preferrably from [OPF Format Corpus|], e.g. like this:
* [] - Sample file Aware 3.19 (Capture Resolution)

h2. References
References to literature, etc.