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h2. Description
PDF permits the use of encryption as a means of restricting access or (re-)use of content. This may range from documents that can only be opened after providing a password, to disabling specific functionality (e.g. printing, copying content).

h2. Risks
* Content may become inaccessible if passwords are not known (even though "cracking" is often technically possible, institutions may not be legally permitted to do this)
* Printing / copy restrictions may complicated any future preservation actions

h2. Assessment
How to assess whether a particular file is affected by this. Includes tool link(s) + concise description of how we can get the required information from this tool. Use XPath expressions if tool produces output in XML format, e.g. see below:

|*Tool*|*Affected if expression returns _True_*|
|[Jpylyzer]| {{"/jpylyzer/isValidJP2 = 'False'"}}|

h2. Recommendations
Recommendations on what action(s) to pursue in case file is affected by this problem. Optional.

h2. Example files
Links to example files, preferrably from [OPF Format Corpus|], e.g. like this:
* [] - Sample file Aware 3.19 (Capture Resolution)

h2. References
References to literature, etc.