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The SPRUCE Project has made awards of up to £5k available for further development of the [practical digital preservation outcomes|REQ:Digital Preservation and Data Curation Requirements and Solutions] and [digital preservation business cases|SPR:Collated business plan results from SPRUCE], that were begun in [SPRUCE events|SPR:SPRUCE Events]. A total of 12 projects were funded during the life of the project. Details of the funding award process and criteria for making the awards can be found [here|SPR:SPRUCE Awards - funding opportunity for digital preservation].

* [Institute of Education: A review of approach and generation of a business case for digital administrative record keeping|]
* [Archaeology Data Service Resource Audit and Comparison Tool (ReACT)|]
* [Malta Music Project at University of Hull: Depositing Data from Facebook to MediaWiki|]
* [Bishopsgate Institute Library: Digital Collections Audit and Preservation Business Case|]
* [BEAM at Bodeleian Libraries: Sprucing up the TikaFileIdentifier|]
* [Gary McGath: FITS Enhancements|]
* [Creative Pragmatics: C3PO Community Ready|]
* [Northumberland Estates: Preservation as a Service - Repository Business Case|]
* [University of Hull: Establishing a Workflow Model for Audio CD Preservation|]
* Lovebytes: Lovebytes Media Archive Project. [Final report|], b[usiness case|], and [summary blog post|].
* [University of Nottingham: Metadata for Preservation|SPR:Metadata for Preservation - project outputs]
* FITS BLITZ - details coming soon