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The SCAPE repository reference implementation is based on Fedora 4.

Fedora 4 is an open source project which is still under development and the first alpha release has been published in July 2013.

More information about Fedora 4 can be found at:
* Fedora Futures Wiki •[https://|][|]
* Fedora Google Tech Group •[\!|][forum/ff-tech|]
* Fedora 4 Releases •[]

The SCAPE specific APIs can be found at:

* Fedora 4 SCAPE Connector API iml •[https://|][|]
* Fedora 4 SCAPE Plan management API •[|]

*A ready-to-go war file containing a pre-beta version of Fedora 4 along with the SCAPE APIs (except the report API)*

*can be downloaded from* [here|]

About the configuration please check