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| *Description* | *Raw data:* data files captured from the instruments, they are typically in two formats: _raw_ and _NeXus_.\\
_These are data files captured straight from instruments. They contain measurements collected from instrument detectors. There is no typical size or number of a detector that an instrument has. For example, for STFC ISIS facility, the number of detector _ ranges from several thousands to a quarter of a million. The typical format of these files are raw or NeXus. The later is an international standard for neutron and synchrotron communities. The former is facility specific: many historic data files are in this format. Increasingly, NeXus format is being adopted as the standard format for instrument data. 
* [Nexus data files|SP:Nexus data files from instruments]\\ |
| *Licensing* | _See the STFC Data Policy_ for the SCAPE project |
| *Owner* | Research investigators, then, when the data becomes public, it will be owned by the public. \\ |
| *Dataset Location* | Raw and catalogue data availability: [] \\
\\ |
| *Collection expert* | Catherine Jones (STFC) |