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h3. Posters {section}{column:width=33%}

h4. "Practitioners need better characterisation tools"

_8th International Digital Curation Conference, Amsterdam, January 2013_

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h4. "Enhancing characterisation for digital preservation"

_iPRES2013 Conference, Lisbon, September 2013_

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h4. "A community driven approach to digital preservation"

_One of 3 prize winning posters at ANADPII Conference, Barcelona, November 2013_

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h3. Conference Papers

* ["Supporting practical preservation work and making it sustainable with SPRUCE"|], *iPRES 2013 Conference*, 3/9/2013 ([presentation slides|])
* [cRIsp: Crowdsourcing Representation Information to Support Preservation|], *iPRES 2012 Conference*, 3/10/2012