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h1. SPRUCE Project Wiki

This is the wikispace for the *SPRUCE* Project (*S{*}ustainable *PR{*}eservation *U{*}sing *C{*}ommunity *E{*}ngagement), hosted by the Open Planets Foundation. SPRUCE is a [JISC|] funded partnership between; [University of Leeds|], [British Library|], [Digital Preservation Coalition|], [London School of Economics|], and [Open Planets Foundation|].
* *[Events|SPR:SPRUCE Events]*
* *[Projects funded by SPRUCE Awards|SPR:Projects funded by SPRUCE Awards]*
* *[Results: Preservation requirements and solutions|REQ:Digital Preservation and Data Curation Requirements and Solutions]*
* ***[What is a SPRUCE Mashup and what's in it for me?|SPR:Just what is a SPRUCE Mashup and what's in it for me?]*
* ***[Your preparation for a SPRUCE mashup|SPR:What you need to prepare before attending a SPRUCE mashup]*
* *[SPR:The SPRUCE Business Case for Digital Preservation]*
* [*The SPRUCE Mashup Manifesto*|SPR:The SPRUCE Mashup Manifesto]
* *[SPR:Digital Preservation Tools]*
* *[Collaborative approaches to digital preservation|Collaborate with the digital preservation community]*
* *[SPR:Other digital preservation events that we like]*

* [SPR:SPRUCE Management and Administration] (restricted)


[The first iteration of the Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit, from SPRUCE, is now available.|]
*SPRUCE* is aiming to foster a vibrant and self-supporting community of digital preservation practitioners and developers via a mixture of online interaction and face to face events based on the successful AQuA Project mashups (see [AQuA Wiki||display/AQuA/Home] for more information). The events will provide support and technical expertise to address specific digital preservation challenges. The best work from event attendees will secure funding awards to further develop the activity and embed it within business as usual processes at the home institution. £60k is available for these awards and will be allocated during the 2 year life of the SPRUCE project.

*SPRUCE* will build on the experience of these activities in order to develop a strong business case for digital preservation, with the aim of supporting and embedding good DP practice beyond the life of the project.

Contact *SPRUCE* by email at: spruce (at) leeds (dot) ac (dot) uk. Follow us on Twitter [@sprucedp|] and tweet with #sprucedp.

All project outputs are available under open terms (proposed [CC-BY-SA|] and [Apache 2.0|] respectively), and will be passed onto the [Open Planets Foundation|] for safe keeping