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h2. {color:#ff0000}Please note that this experiment is inactive{color}

h2. Investigator(s)

Johan van der Knijff

h2. Dataset

* [The Archivist's PDF Cabinet of Horrors|] (part of the [OPF Format Corpus|])
* [Adobe Acrobat Engineering PDFs|]
* [Reduced Govdocs1 dataset|]

h2. Platform


h2. Workflow

At this stage this work still focuses on evaluating Apache Preflight, and making sense of its output. The results of this are continuously used to update the information on PDF in the [OPF File Format Risk Registry|]. See the following page (and its child pages):


h2. Requirements and Policies

_Policy statements that relate to this experiment and any evaluation criteria taken from SCAPE metrics_

h2. Evaluations

_Links to results of the experiment using the evaluation template._