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h2. Status


h2. Contact

_Stefan Pröll, TUW, [email protected]_

h2. User Story

A researcher performs scientific analysis of research data and needs to work with specific subsets of raw data. The datasets are potentially large and can therefore not be stored individually. Also he needs to share his subsets with peers to enable them to reproduce his work. He needs citation mechanisms that can handle dynamic data and allow to reference complex data sets in a precise way. As he maybe needs to adjust parameters and repeat his experiments, the citation mechanism subsets need to support versioning.

h2. User Requirements/Components

\* Identify, cite and reference subsets
\* Store the query that constructed a subset, not separate subsets as individual data sets that consume storage space
\* Support versioning
\* Provide persistent identifier
\* Provide resolver service

h2. Experiments

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h2. Developer Notes

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h2. Related Documents

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