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| *Basic description* | A workflow tool processes unknown source files through the following steps:
* Quarantine
* Virus check
* Characterisation and metadata extraction
* Format migration \\
Outputs are a ZIP file containing the original files, log files from the processing steps, technical metadata from the characterisation tools in original output format and in PREMIS, the migrated file formats, manifests for all the files, logs, etc. and checksums for everything\! |
| *Licensing* | Various provenance, some internal docs some from deposited collections. Best left closed/unpublished |
| *Institution* | London School of Economics |
| *Collection expert* | [~digitalfay]\\ |
| *List of issue{*}s | * Success of the migrations - need to check whether files which are processed through the workflow are adequate surrogates - need more than a log file indicating success \\
* Completeness of the log files - do they contain information about all of the workflow steps? \\
* Is the PREMIS XML a) valid; b) a complete record of everything in the log files? |
| *Issue* | [Born-digital - migration success|AQuA:Born-digital - migration success]\\ |