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| *Institutional context* \\ | |
| Institution type (eg. Library, Archive) \\ | Archive |
| *Storage and access* \\ | |
| Where are collection masters stored (media, number of copies, backup, preservation system)? \\ | 3 copies of the Collection masters are stored by CeRch - 2 on spinning disk (RAID) and 1 on LTO2 tape \\ |
| Where is access to the collection provided from? \\ | [] |
| What technical protocol is used to access files? Local file systems? Windows shares? (SMB/CIFS) \\ | SSH to Unix file system, web site |
| *Workflow* \\ | |
| Describe your existing content workflow. \\ | Images scanned by project partner and checksummed. \\
The set of files scanned over the week are sent to CeRch. \\
Checksums are validated to confirm there has been no corruption. Characterisation performed to confirm the images are valid TIFFs \\
Metadata extracted and converted to XML\\
Data imported into Fedora Commons\\
TIFFs converted and resized to JPEGs for distribution on web site |
| What tools are part of the existing workflow? \\ | JHOVE, Md5 command, Photoshop |
| What technologies underly the existing workflow? \\ | Fedora Commons, MySQL |
| What challenges are present in the existing workflow? (technology, organisational, staffing) \\ | Hardware resources. \\
QC operator time. |
| Does the workflow include manual steps? \\ | Yes |
| Where in this content workflow would the prototype solution be deployed? | Post-deposit workflow (prior to ingest into Fedora) or (perhaps more likely) periodic post-ingest activities\\ |
| What is the process for changing or enhancing the workflow? What obstacles to change are present? \\ | The ingest workflow is executed by initiating a script. Image comparison using pHash could be written as a stage in the script or initiated at a set time (e.g. once per month).  \\ |
| *Actors* \\ | |
| Who executes the existing workflow? \\ | Curation staff\\ |
| Who adminsters the existing workflow? \\ | Curation staff/project software developer\\ |
| What system rights do the workflow executors have? Can they install software? Can they use the web? \\ | The staff member are able to place data in a specific location, which initiates a script. They do not have permissions to access other directories on the machine or run processes\\ |
| Who is the collection owner or curator? (section/department/team) \\ | Curation Specialist, Centre for e-Research\\ |
| Is there a workflow champion, who is it? \\ | All staff members within the department have some degree of technical knowledge and recognise the benefit in developing an enhanced workflow.\\ |