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| *One line summary* | The identification and validation of esoteric audio file formats. |
| *Detailed description* | Little-used, esoteric and proprietary audio file formats present a significant challenge in securing and preserving digital content.  Without support from common and current software tools, the validation of audio files relies on the success of transcoding; which, in turn, depends on the accuracy and error reporting of software used for conversion.  \\ |
| *Issue champion* | Adam Tovell \\ |
| *Possible approaches* | The addition of signatures to the Pronom, allowing identification with Droid.  Creation of new Jhove modules. |
| *Context* | [AQuA:British Library Sound & Vision] \\ |
| *AQuA Solutions* | [AQuA:AQUAdio - characterization of user-generated audio field recordings] |
| *Collections* | [User-generated audio field recordings|AQuA:User-generated audio field recordings] \\ |