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| *Title* \\ | _Jhove error messages_ "Improperly constructed page tree" are not file format errors according to the PDF 1.7 standard \\ |
| *Detailed description* | _Jhove reports an error for PDF files which contain imbalances page trees. The PDF 1.7 does not formulate balanced page trees as a requirement, but only gives information on this subject matter: "However, to optimize application performance, a conforming writer can construct trees of a particular form, known as balanced trees." (section 7.7.3)_ \\
_The jhove error messages leads to the objects being considered not well-formed._ \\ |
| *Issue champion* | _\[Michelle Lindlar_ |
| *Other interested parties* \\ | _Any other parties who are also interested in applying Issue Solutions to their Datasets._ |
| *Possible Solution approaches* | _Brief brainstorm of possible approaches to solving the Issue. Each approach should be described in a single sentence as part of a bulleted list. Further detail can go in a dedicated Solution page._ \\
_Solution A: the message should either be removed completley and the fact of imbalanced trees be integrated as an extracted technical metadata criterion_ \\
_Solution B: the message should be turned from an "error" into an "info" message._ \\
_In either cases, it should not lead to the object being regarded not well-formed._ |
| *Context* | _As jhove is used by many digital preservation repositories, the correct reporting of errors is essential._ \\ |
| *Lessons Learned* | A central knowledge page linking jhove errors against standard information and testing them against actual standard violations would be beneficial. \\ |
| *Datasets* | _Reference to the appropriate Dataset page, by hyperlink. Note that all Issues_ *{_}MUST{_}* _be linked to at least one Dataset\!_ \\ |
| *Solutions* | _Reference to the appropriate Solution page(s), by hyperlink._ |