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This is the home of the Database Preservation special interest groups.

See also [TR:Database Archiving & Migration Tools] in the [TR:Digital Preservation Tool Registry] registry.

h3. Blogs

* []
* [|]
* +[+|]+
* [|]
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h3. Events

* [2012-02-07 OPF Hackathon - A Practical Approach to Database Archiving|KB:2012-02-07 OPF Hackathon - A Practical Approach to Database Archiving]
* [Hacking with Databases (Copenhagen)|KB:Hacking with Databases (Copenhagen)]
* [Presentations - A Practical Approach to Database Archiving|KB:Presentations - A Practical Approach to Database Archiving]

h3. Resources

* [Digital Curation Resources|]
* [NDIIPP Partner Tools and Services Inventory (Library of Congress)|]
* [Data Documentation Initiative|]
* [RODA development » Database Preservation|]
* [XML: Multi-Schema Project:Zero, One, or Many Namespaces?|]
* [Bidirectional conversion between XML documents and relational data bases|]
* [International Workshop On Markup Of Overlapping Structures (Extreme Markup 2007)|]
* [Significant properties in the preservation of relational databases|]

h3. Working Groups

* ['Database Preservation Review' Working Group|KB:Database Preservation Review Working Group]: Revision/Update of Bill Roberts' paper 'Database Preservation Review'  [|]

* [KB:Comparison of SIARD, DBML and SIARDK Working Group]: Assessing the possibilities for a common database preservation format  

If you are interested in joining either of these groups, please contact [email protected]


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