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| *Title* | SO5 Video Migration and QA |
| *Detailed description* | In earlier video migrations at SB, we experienced out-of-sync errors. These errors may be due to the sound being shifted. As part of the QA in this workflow, it is therefore explicitly checked if the sound has been 'shifted' and we can find an overlap match. The workflow in short:
* wmv files are migrated to video-format X (mpeg-2 for example) using FFmpeg
* QA
** validation of migrated file format
** extraction and comparison of properties of original and migrated file
** to detect any out-of-sync errors, use the xcorrSound QA sound comparison tool to compare the audio of the original and the migrated video file; see [SP:SO2 xcorrSound QA audio comparison tool] |
| *[Solution Champion|SP:Responsibilities of the roles described on these pages]* \\ | [Bolette Jurik|] (SB) |
| *Corresponding Issue(s)* \\ | * [SP:IS13 wmv to Video Format-X Migration Results in Out-of-sync Sound and Video] |
| *myExperiment Link* \\ | *TBD* |
| *Tool Registry Link* \\ | *TBD* |
| *Evaluation* \\ | *TBD* |