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{tip}This space is the home for the activities of the OPF Documents Interest Group.{tip}\\


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h3. Aims

The aims of this group are to:

* Build a knowledge base of errors in daily digital preservation activities
* Investigate file format error messages e. g. validation issues in PDF files
* Publish use-case & user stories

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Chair: Yvonne Tunnat (ZBW), [~pmay] (British Library). 

Contact: y \[dot\] tunnat \[at\] zbw \[dot\] eu

or becky \[at\] openpreservation \[dot\] org

h3. Knowledge

[Documents:JHOVE issues and error messages]

[Documents:JHOVE 2 excursion]

[Publications working space |Documents:Publications working space]
Development of:

* Case studies
* Reports
* Business cases

[Events & training planning|Documents:Events and training planning]
Planning for upcoming events, training and webinars

Documents links and information

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