Audio Auditing Script

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One line summary A script to check a collection of audio recordings for 1) expected files, 2) expected specification, and 3) provenance.                                                                                                         
Detailed description audio_audit: Audit a series of Wave files.
-h  Show this message.
-i Input path (mandatory).
-f Perform fingerprint verification of Master/Listening pairs.
-v Display version.
This is a simple bash script which uses two main tools:
  • BWF MetaEdit: for extracting file-specific metadata (sample rate, sample bit-rate).
  • jHears: for audio fingerprinting (which also relies on SoX). Both client and server software are required.
    It is used to check a series of paired Wave files (a Master and Listening copy) against certain criteria:
    # That for each Master there is a corresponding listening copy.# That each Wave file has the correct sample rate and sample bit-rate.# Optionally, that each Listening copy has a sufficiently similar audio fingerprint to that of the Master.
Solution champion  Roger
Git link
Group Evaluation Notes
  • Fingerprinting tested on sample collection but mixed results at matching pair. Masters and service files may not be close enough for fingerprinting to work
  • Further investigation needed on results and tweaking the fingerprinting parameters
  • Would be interesting to try this on other
  • Would other tools/techniques work better. Eg. AudioScout? or libofa
  • Potentially very useful to issue champion, especially spec checking
  • Could check on submission
  • Organisation could quite easily utilise the script
  • If wrapped as windows usable tool could be used by those generating the recordings
  • Potential to investigate further metadata extraction
  • Potential to take results away, trial it, generate more requirements and then bring to London AQuA event
  • Might be able to bring in additional sound expertise for London (BL Sound and Vision?)
Detailed Evaluation
Tool (link)
Issue Audit audio batch against criteria
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auditing auditing Delete
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broadcast-wave broadcast-wave Delete
bwf bwf Delete
jhears jhears Delete
audioscout audioscout Delete
sox sox Delete
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fingerprint fingerprint Delete
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