Audio Collection (York)

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Basic description York Sound Archive digitised audio.                                                                  

Licensing Sample available for use in AQuA Mashup, Leeds; must not be further distributed.
Institution University of York
Collection expert Julie Allinson
Issues brainstorm
  • how do we know that we have both copies?
  • how do we know that these copies meet the specification?
  • how do we check that the copies are of the same recording?
  • how do we know that these copies will play?
  • how do we include metadata in the files (provenance, recording history, descriptive information)?
  • how do we understand any metadata and/or structure (ie. multiple pieces/tracks)?
  • how do we check the validity and maintain the integrity of files?
List of issues Audit audio batch against criteria

dataset dataset Delete
aqua aqua Delete
audio audio Delete
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