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One line summary   Check a batch of audio files against a set of criteria.                                                                                                                      

Detailed description A digitisation project to digitise archival audio collections creates two copies which are passed to York Digital Library for processing and ingest. These copies are an Archival transfer and a Listening copy, and they should each meet a known specification. There are three QA checks which would help us to know that what we have is as expected:

  1. check that we have both copies.
  2. check that each copy meets the specification.
  3. check that the two copies are of the same recording.
Issue champion  Julie
Possible approaches BWF MetaEdit: is a tool create by the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI). BWF MetaEdit "permits embedding, editing, and exporting of metadata in Broadcast WAVE Format (BWF) files. This tool can also enforce metadata guidelines developed by the Federal Agencies Audio-Visual Working Group as well as recommendations and specifications from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Microsoft, and IBM". Their command-line tool can be wrapped into a script which can be used to generate a report for points 1+2 above.

JHears: (with sox -; experimental acoustic fingerprinting software.

Audioscout: is "a distributed audio content indexing system. It can index a large collection of audio content for the purpose of later recognition of unknown signals. Robust to noise, different encodings and other types of distortion, it can be used for a variety of applications including duplicate detection of files, identifying music, as well as more sophisticated uses involving the enforcement of copyrights and ensuring lawful use of content".

Sonic Annotator ( with Vamp Plugins ( - "a batch tool for feature extraction and annotation of audio files". This provides several plugins for finding 'similarities' between audio channels. Potentially each input file could be downmixed to a single channel and compared in this way.
AQuA Solutions Audio Auditing Script
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