BOPCRIS issue - Mix of compressed and uncompressed TIFFS

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One line summary The collection contains a mix of uncompressed and compressed TIFF files. The compressed TIFFs are not read correctly when derivatives are programmatically created.                                                                                            
Detailed description
  • Compressed and uncompressed TIFF images (possibly other formats) mixed in together, causing problems for building derivatives with PIL (Python Imaging Library). The PIL is not able to read Group 4 compressed TIFFs and so cannot create JPEG derivatives.
Issue champion Matt Phillips
Possible approaches
  • Use a tool such as FITS (File Information Tool Set) to identify the file type and rate of compression of each file in the collection
  • Script an open source imaging application such as Imagemagick or GIMP to convert compressed TIFFs to uncompressed TIFFs
Context University of Southampton Library Digitisation Unit Context AQuA:University of Southampton Library Digitisation Unit Context]
AQuA Solutions Identify compressed TIFFs and convert them to uncompressed TIFFs
Collections BOPCRIS
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