De-duplication of multiple scanned images of same object

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One line summary Same artefact has been scanned two or more times. Duplicate objects must be identified and flagged for action.
Detailed description An artefact (e.g. a play bill) is scanned and, at a later date, rescanned. The rescanned version corrects errors made in the original scan, e.g. higher resolution, rotated to correct errors. We wish to identify duplicate scanned objects and flag them for action by a staff member. It is expected that the older version will be classified for storage only. Metadata differs to some extent, e.g. identifier is different, title may differ slightly
Issue champion Gareth Knight
Possible approaches Metadata extraction and comparison, fuzzy checksum
AQuA Solutions ssdeep for duplicate image detection
Perceptual Image Diff comparison
Identifying rotated, duplicate images using pHash
Collections East London Theatre Archive
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issue issue Delete
duplication duplication Delete
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