EAP Issue 3 Metadata Extraction from audio, video and image files

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One line summary We need to auto-extract metadata from audio, video and image files for quality assurance and cataloguing purposes.
Detailed description I) Quality Assurance: Material created by EAP projects must meet certain criteria. It is not always easy to discover, from a quick check of a submission, whether these have all been satisfied. It would be good to determine this at an early stage, so that corrections can be made.

2) Cataloguing: Information which needs to be included in catalogues must be accessed manually (e.g. opening a wav file and skipping to the end to determine track duration), which is time consuming. Our cataloguing activities would be more efficient if metadata could be automatically extracted, in a useable format.

For example:

EAP132: can we generate a list of audio files and their properties, specifically their duration, bit rate?
EAP078: As above, for video
EAP336: images submitted at 240ppi, which is too low; it would be useful to be able to flag up images which don't meet our spec.

Issue champion John Salter, Matt Ruane
Possible approaches Pre-existing tools for this? Examples please!
AQuA Solutions AQUAdio - characterization of user-generated audio field recordings
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