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Basic description Open Access research outputs and etheses (sample being used from White Rose Research Online and White Rose eTheses Online)                                                  

Licensing Open access
Institution White Rose Libraries (Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York)
Collection expert Bo Middleton, Beccy Shipman
Issues brainstorm
  • Is the file PDF or PDF/A? 
  • What's in the document? Are there objects embedded in the PDF? What are the embedded objects?
  • Does it have OCR compression? 
  • What's the quality of the OCR?
  • Who created the PDF?
  • Check validity
  • Check against the original
  • Have we lost anything in the conversion process
  • Embedded links
  • Check that the PDF contains searchable text rather than embedded images only
List of issues
pdf pdf Delete
aqua aqua Delete
dataset dataset Delete
document document Delete
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