jp2 header analysis

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One line summary "image not available" in Google Books                                                                                                                  
Detailed description Sometimes pages in Google Books do not appear (e.g. page 1 in
An "image not available" is shown instead.

A jp2 header analysis with Jhove and Kakadu reveals the resolution of the jp2 files: 1x1 Pixels. Images with just one pixel can be easily sorted out.

Jhove via. FITS:
<imageWidth toolname="Jhove" toolversion="1.5" status="SINGLE_RESULT">1</imageWidth>
<imageHeight toolname="Jhove" toolversion="1.5" status="SINGLE_RESULT">1</imageHeight>

Solution champion Georg Petz
Git link  
Evaluation It works and can be integrated in QC Tool.
Tool (link)
Issue Quality issues in digitised pages
quality_assurance quality_assurance Delete
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