2012-10-02 iPRES - Preservation Health Check workshop at the PREMIS Implementation Fair

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2012-10-02 Join OPF and OCLC Research at the PREMIS Implementation Fair (iPRES2012)

About the preservation health check workshop

This workshop will explore the use of real life preservation metadata for risk assessment.

We will introduce and discuss the concept behind the preservation health check pilot and summarize results from previous studies, such as comparisons of preservation metadata schemes and risk assessment checklists.

We will propose an approach for mapping preservation metadata schemas with preservation risk assessment frameworks and walk through a number of examples.

We invite practitioners to come to the workshop with real life examples of preservation metadata, with which we can check and correct theoretical assumptions. We expect this exercise to help build a better shared understanding of the why, what and how preservation metadata are collected and created. We will walk through a number of examples demonstrating how these metadata can be mapped to risk factors and discuss the usefulness of the type of risk-statements that could be made.

Who should attend?

Digital preservation practitioners: librarians, archivists, sound&vision curators, operational managers of digital repository and deposit systems – practitioners with a responsibility for and experience in creating metadata and using metadata generating tools.

Digital preservation researchers/experts: those who have been involved in research and/or standardization activities on metadata scheme development and modeling risk assessment frameworks.

Why attend?

  • Share practices and learn from colleague organisations
  • Learn to think in terms of preservation risk factors
  • Get a better understanding of how preservation metadata can inform about risks
  • Feed practical experience (what works for me and what doesn’t) back into research and standardization efforts
  • Narrow the gap between research and practice
  • Meet new contacts in the digital preservation community
  • Develop new skills

Agenda (TBA)


To register please go to the iPRES2012 Registration page


University of Toronto, Canada, October 1-5, 2012

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