Email archive in OST format (LeFurgy)

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Email archive in OST format (LeFurgy).

Email archive from Bill LeFurgy. Consist of an OST file of about 4.5 GB, The file was generated from a Microsoft Exchange Outlook account by the account owner. The email account used to generate the file dates from about 2010 to the present and consists of over 40,000 messages (incoming and outgoing). Messages include attachments in formats such as .doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt, .html and others. The archive is presented as an example of information that can reasonably be expected to come into library and archives digital collections.

Access is limited to the owner (LeFurgy).

The email comes from LeFurgy's Library of Congress account.

Dataset Location
Dataset stored on external drive.

Dataset Champion
Bill LeFurgy

Issues brainstorm

  • Provide for open format preservation and access.
  • Allow for local robust search and browse.
  • Identify potential personal information.

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