Exact For DOS Bookkeeping Data Issue

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Exact For DOS Bookkeeping Data Issue

Detailed description
Backup files from bookkeeping data from 1994, created with Dutch bookkeeping software "Exact for DOS". Part of the corporate archive of the National Archives of the Netherlands.

Original software running on DOS has been replaced with a Windows version, which uses a different file format. We need to have the data from the backup in order to officialy deposit it in the corporate archive.

We want to use emulation to run the original application in order to export the data. If the emulation method should fail, we need to look into other methods to get to the data. Also, save ALL information regarding usernames, passwords, user-roles, license keys, license checksums, etc.

Issue champion
Maurice de Rooij

Other interested parties
Any other parties who are also interested in applying Issue Solutions to their Datasets.

Possible Solution approaches

  • Emulation of the creating application in its original environment.
  • Reverse-engineer the binary data
  • Have the vendor or specialised company read out the data

Data needed for corporate archive.

Lessons Learned
When upgrading business critical applications and accompanying data to a new version, make sure you convert/migrate ALL data before discarding the software that originally created the data.



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