FSU Science Education Curriculum Collection of multimedia programs

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FSU Science Education Curriculum Collection of multimedia programs


These files were created for the Interactive Media Science (IMS) projects of the Science Education development faculty at FSU. It was mostly funded by National Science Foundation (NSF) and was the first examples of the use of multimedia in the classroom. The programs are a combination of source code, audio files, and video files. Some are program specific - Photoshop, Quicktime etc. All of the development was done in an Apple environment as far as we know from the collection donor. There are also field guides, teacher handbooks and other accompanying information created to supplement the programs. For this hackathon, I brought disk images of 39 CDs from across the fours programs created: EcoVentures, Burning Issues I and II, Fire in Wildhorse Basin and Silent Invaders. I am unsure what information is on most of the CDs as they were simply labelled with the program name so whether it is parts of the code or an entire copy of the program is unknown. The dates on the CDs ranged from the mid-1990s to 2005. As I imaged, I was unable to create more than rudimentary metadata for the image as the labeling on the CDs was, as mentioned, not very specific. In total, it's around 13 GB of data.


FSU is the owner of the copyright of the materials however as most was grant produced, there may be licensing information that needs to be taken into account from that.

Florida State University

Dataset Location
Currently, FSU would need to be contacted for a copy of the data.

Dataset Champion

Krystal Thomas

Issues brainstorm

  • Unknown content on the disk images
  • File formats that may be outdated for the current programs (PhotoShop, QuickTime etc.)
  • Access to the raw data on the disk images
  • Preservation of the raw data
  • Eventually, emulation of the versions of the programs so that a user could "play" the original games

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