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Over the past two and a half years the OPF has successfully organised six hackathons. We would like to thank the IISH, the University at Cologne, DPC, the Danish National Archives, CINES and the University of Freiburg for their hospitality, active participation and co-operation running these events.

Hosting OPF hackathons has proved to be an excellent opportunity for the community to demonstrate their commitment for long-term access to digital content.

Our hackathons are a great platform for practitioners and developers to work on real digital preservation challenges and they help to sustain a lasting digital preservation community after the success of Planets. 

We would like your input to help us plan our future hackathon and webinar events programme...


We'd like to hear from you if you have a suggestion for a hackathon theme, and would be willing to work with us to shape the agenda and activities. Please fill out that 'what, where, when and who' in the table below. If you only have a 'what', please still let us know your idea and we can try to find a venue. If you can offer us a venue, but don't have a theme in mind, please let us know and we can work with you to pick a topic, or match your venue with a lonely 'what'. Once we have a few suggestions bellow, we will ask the community to indicate if they'd be willing to contribute to or attend some of these events.
What? I would like to host / attend a hackathon focusing on... Where? When? Who?
[Insert topic/theme] Are you willing to host a hackathon? Have you any suggestions for the location?  Are there a specific dates that this topic would be particularly relevant? When is the venue available? Please let us know who you are!


We'd also like to hear from you if you have a suggestion for a webinar topic, or better still, if you'd be willing to give a webinar!
What? I would like to present /attend a webinar on... Who? When?
[insert topic] e.g. a tool, a project, an initiative, a case study, a   
Are you willing to present? Or do you have a person or organisation in mind
who you think would be willing to do this?
Is there a specific date that this topic would be particularly relevant? When is the presenter available?
The SPRUCE Project Business Case Paul Wheatley, University of Leeds, SPRUCE Project Manager November 2013
bwFLA Project Part II: Scientific Use Cases Annette Strauch, University of Ulm June 2013
C3PO Petar Petrov, Creative Pragmatics May 2013
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