Lion King floppy disc Dataset

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The Lion King

Two floppy discs containing the game Lion King for DOS. One disk being of 720kByte and the other of 1.44MByte capacity.
Created by Disney or on behalf of Disney




The Royal Library of Denmark

Dataset Location

The repository for private donations at The Royal Library of Denmark.

Dataset Champion

Jonas Lindberg Frellesen

Issues brainstorm

  • Extraction of the data from the Floppy discs.
  • Simulation of the DOS environment either through virtualization or emulation.
  • Accessing, installing and playing the game on the DOS environment.

List of Issues

Modern USB floppy disk drives may not be able any more to properly detect 720kByte disks as they seem to outdated to be considered by the manufacturers. Nevertheless traditional PC floppy drives work well.

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