Lynn Igoe Floppy Discs

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Title: Lynn Igoe Floppy Discs

Description: Approximately 70 floppy discs that likely contain drafts of Lynn Igoe's reference works on African American artists (e.g., African-American Artists with North Carolina Connections, 250 Years of Afro-American Art: an annotated bibliography, and/or African-American Artists on Disc). Files on these discs date back to the early 1990's - early 2000's.

Licensing: Not aware of any licensing restrictions_._

Owner: UNC Chapel Hill, University Library, Sloane Art Library

Dataset Location:  Sloane Art Library

Dataset Champion:  Heather Gendron

Issues brainstorm

  • What do these files contain and do they have research value?
  • Are there any duplicate files on these discs?

List of Issues

  • Hard to know what content is on these discs, if any.
  • Do not have the hardware to access the files on these discs.
  • There are a number of files with unrecognizable file extensions.
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