Nintendo Wii Emulation

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Nintendo Wii Emulation

Detailed description
Once you're able to backup Wii games, it raises the question as to how you might go about playing such games in the future once the original hardware is broken and can no longer be purchased.

A quick internet search revealed that there is an emulator for the Wii that is still in active development, the Dolphin Emulator .

We were unable to try this out at the Freiberg event due to lack of the correct hardware to create an image from a Wii disc (see Backup Nintendo Wii Discs). Additionally the emulator requires a little more graphics horse power than is provided by the average laptop.

Solution Champion
Carl Wilson

Corresponding Issue(s)
Media migration and emulation of computer games

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Currently this solution hasn't been tried, but I'll be attempting it at home and will update with details soon.

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