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How can I join a WebEx meeting?

You can join WebEx meetings from the iCal email invitations you receive, or from the link above. When it's time to join, select the Join the meeting link in the email. If the meeting has not started, and it's not yet time to join, clicking the Join the meeting link will display the meeting space of that particular meeting, where you can access the agenda, meeting attachments, comments, and invitee list.

You can also join the meeting by selecting Join for the meeting that you want to join either in the Upcoming Meetings list or Updates list on your Home page or from your calendar list on the Meetings page.

If a meeting is password-protected, you are required to enter the meeting password to join the meeting; however, if you have a WebEx account, you can simply sign in to access and join the meeting without entering the meeting password.

What do I need to do when joining a WebEx meeting for the first time?


If you plan to join the meeting using Internet Explorer, we recommend having ActiveX enabled. If you plan to join the meeting using Firefox or Chrome, we recommend having Java installed and enabled in your browser.

Mac OS X

Make sure that Java is installed and enabled in your browser. If you are using Safari, make sure that plugins are enabled as well.

There are some further tips about joining a meeting, including system requirements, here:

Do I need an account to join a WebEx Meeting?

If you only wish to join a Cisco WebEx Meeting as an attendee, you do not need an account.

How can I get further technical support?

There is a list of phone numbers for Webex technical support at:

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