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Welcome to the Planets-Suite Wiki

For more information about the Planets Project, see http://www.planets-project.eu/ , and see the Open Planets Foundation http://www.openplanetsfoundation.org/ for more.

Planets and Sourceforge

The Planets Suite source code and other resources are hosted by Sourceforge:

The steering, stewardship and development of these components will be sustained via the OPF.

Planets Components

  • PlanetsTechnicalArchitecture?
  • Interoperability Framework?
  • Preservation Services?* [planetssuite:Emulation Services|/apps/trac/planets-suite/wiki/EmulationService]
  • Plato?
  • [planetssuite:PlanetsTestbed|/apps/trac/planets-suite/wiki/PlanetsTestbed]

The Planets project also helped fund the development of the following tools:

Join The Team

Do you want to join us and contribute code, documentation or advice on the development of this software? The Planets technical community is based around the Planets-Suite Sourceforge account, so if you want to join us...

  • Go here and create an account or login via OpenID: https://sourceforge.net/account/login.php
  • If you just want to contribute to this wiki, congratulations! You've done all you need to do!
  • If you want to contribute code, contact one of the Project Managers ( see this list ) and ask them to add you to the project.

Related Projects

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