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User input FAQs

User input is an important part of the development of the Testbed software. In this section, information can be found on the ways in which you, a user of the Testbed, can contribute and submit suggestions and files. If you have any remaining questions, please contact the Helpdesk for further details: helpdesktb(at) .

Where do I submit a feature request?

Please contact the Helpdesk to submit any requests: helpdesktb(at) .

May I suggest changes to the user interface?

Your feedback and your proposed changes will be discussed and possibly implemented in next versions. Please contact the Helpdesk to submit any suggestions: helpdesktb(at) .

What do I do when I want to experiment on a tool not available in the Testbed?

In order for a tool to be used in the Testbed, the tool itself has to be wrapped as a Planets web service and then registered to the Testbed.

Suggestions for tools to be wrapped can be send to the Helpdesk: helpdesktb(at) . The Helpdesk will then take care of the further procedure of wrapping and registering a service and will notify all the Planets partners when a new service becomes available.

Can I upload my own data to the central Testbed instance?

Private data can be uploaded through the Planets FTP account using an FTP client application. By uploading private data you agree to make them public under
todo (Creative Commons licence ???) todo
Attention (concept text) : when uploading data please take care you do not upload third party proprietary data. The Planets project has no facilities to check if data are copyrighted.
Uploading copyrighted data therefore is explicitly forbidden. The Planets Community will remove any copyrighted data immediately from its data corpus, if and when notified and/or a removal request by the copyright holder, without prior notification of tester that uploaded the data.
Any breaches of copyright law are the responsibility of the tester that has uploaded copyrighted data.

Please use the following details in order to connect to the FTP site:

*Port: 1924
*Username: your username
*Password: your password

Is the testbed open for individual researchers or for project groups?

The Testbed is open to individual researchers and project groups.

Will the testbed be available for non-European researchers?

Yes, the Testbed is open for anybody interested in digital preservation (not only Europeans)

What is the maximum filesize to upload?

Maximum file size limitation is currently set at 0.9 GB.

How much storage is allowed per person/account?

There are currently no storage quotas or limits. Larger usage requirements, of more than a few gigabytes, should be requested via the helpdesk.

Can I use search functionality on stored pdf's and a pdf-index?

Question frased differently: suppose that I would store 100 pdf's and one pdf-index file. Is it possible to use the search functionality within testbed (like access on a network)?

There is at present no functionality to search the contents of the files that have been stored on the Testbed.

Can I share search functionality within a group of researchers?

There are currently no groups, permissions, or access limits. All data is available to all Testbed users, and may be made available to anonymous users and search engines.

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