The Software Curation Process

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The OPF follows a stringent appraisal process when selecting which tools to adopt and nurture to the point where they are sustainable. 

This process is in place to:

  • The possibility of adopting each tool (e.g. licensing and restrictions)
  • Control cost/benefit of adopting each tool.
  • Evaluate which stage the tools is currently at.
  • Analysing amount of required effort.
  • Analysing amount of required time
  • Potential of establishing a support community around the tool. 


In order to evaluate potential tools we ask members to fill in the following two surveys to begin the appraisal process. 

OPF Appraisal 

Once these forms have been completed, the OPF will then perform its own appraisal based upon filling in this form. 

Note that the OPF will only spend a maximum of 2 full working days of effort in attempting to appraise each tool (which involves attempting to install and run the tool), at which point it may be rejected on such grounds. Appraisal will be carried out by a highly experienced developer in conjunction with a business analist. 


OPF offers guidance and training to support the development of tools and software at all stages in the development and deployment process. The appraisal process is not a final decision but rather a conversation stater to build a cost/benefit/possibility strategy for adopting and guiding the process of tool development. 

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