Identify Shifted Crop Issue in JPEG2000

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Title Identify Shifted Crop Issue in JPEG2000
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Due to the ramp up cost of working with j2 files, quite a few things were tried and then alternatives looked at.
(jj2000, and an applet to present j2 in a web browser) (modifying for reading j2s) (using imagemagick to auto-crop or image process, and convert between formats)
To avoid time constraints, a sample set of pngs was generated. (Open the j2 in irfanView, crop to a left hand band - export to png, crop the png to a 256x512 sample section)

1) Sample file set
1a) 3 known bad files (png 256x512)
1b) 3 assumed good files, cropped on a good section (png 256x512)

2) Primary ideas
2a) run a vertical diff (edge detection), and examine the output for potential for thresholding
2b) do a vertical band side by side comparison, and look for anomalies in the output
2c) is any horizonal averaging helpful
2d) taking a vertical crop is probably the best way the optimise the detection algorithm, and the crop could be further divided which gives quicker read-time, scan-time, and also makes it easier to isolate the part of the image affected.

3) Fiji imageJ
3a) this is surprisingly quick to get up and running.
3b) unfortunately there is no obvious support for the algorithms proposed (this would be a simple matter of programming)
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Derek Sergeant
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Shifted Crop Corruption
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Evaluation Dev: Potentially useful techniques to identify the bad images using image processing techniques.
Dev: Chopping image down to edges may be useful optimisation.
Needs further investigation.

The three assumed good png images: DUCR-1886-04-03-0001_256x512.png  YOHD-1881-10-10-0005_256x512.png  MOPT-1897-10-07-0003_256x512.png

The three known bad png images: DUCR-1896-10-31-0001_256x512.png  DUCR-1896-10-31-0007_256x512.png  DUCR-1896-10-31-0003_256x512.png

Fiji (imageJ) using local thickness from Analyze:

Fiji (imageJ) using Edge Detection:
Fiji: trying out a variety of other things - eigen values look promising (as does the "find differences" plugin)

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