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Title Mediainfo Output Viewer
Detailed description A basic script which builds the mediainfo XML output and prepares the outputs for simple viewing.  The script inserts the necessary XSLT references and allows tabular viewing of the XML output.  Any files which aren't identified by mediainfo as audio files are ignored by the XSLT transformation.  Two fields are split out for easier organization in a spreadsheet, specifically Stream Size and Duration.  Then the XSLT provides a link to another transformation of the output into CSV, allowing the curator to investigate the results further in the Spreadsheet application of their choice.
Solution Champion Michael Charno
Corresponding Issue(s) Sound files, type and quality checking
Tool/code link A link to code on Git hub or a corresponding myExperiment if applicable
Tool Registry Link If possible provide a link to information about any third party tools used. Ideally these should point to entries in the OPF Tool Registry
Evaluation Dev: XML with XSLT transform for presentation. Also CSV output.
Dev: Fingerprinting and analysis is next layer.
CO: Useful first step in assessing preservation
solution solution Delete
characterisation characterisation Delete
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