PDF to PDFA Conversion

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Title PDF to PDF A Conversion
Detailed description One solution is to use ghostscript to convert PDF to Post Script to PDF/A.
Once ghostscript is installed the following bat script can be placed in a file named "pdf2pdfa.bat" and ran in a directory containing PDFs
SET lib="%programfiles(x86)%\gs\gs9.14\lib"

for %%f in (*.pdf) do (

    echo %%~nf

    if NOT exist .\PDFA%%f  (
        %lib%\pdf2ps %%f tmp.ps
        %lib%\ps2pdf tmp.ps .\PDFA%%f
        DEL tmp.ps
This seems to produce valid PDF/As but is slow and and is only appropriate for PDFs containing scanned images as text is converted to display only
Solution Champion MatthewBbull
Corresponding Issue(s) PDF to PDF A Conversion
Tool/code link http://www.ghostscript.com/download/gsdnld.html
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