Realistic Disk Image Collection for Research and Education

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Realistic Disk Image Collection for Research and Education
Description In collaboration with colleagues at both the University of North Carolina and the Naval Postgraduate School, I am responsible for a collection of forensic images that were created for education and research. Kam Woods at UNC has developed a significant amount of supplementary documentation to support use of the data in classes. We have also exposed relatively basic metadata about the images. However, there are many more ways that we could be processing, transforming and describing the data in order to facilitate access, use and analysis.  We're exploring the application of existing forensics tools and development of new ones. We have also been engaging with a variety of other institutions and projects that have begun working with disk images as objects within repositories.
Licensing Anyone may use the data.  It has been purposely create to be free of sensitive personal information and to avoid major copyright issues.
Owner Naval Postgraduate School and University of North Carolina (developed through funding from the National Science Foundation).
Dataset Location The collection is available through: ibiblio is helping us to serve the data using BitTorrent.
Collection Champion Simson Garfinkel, Cal Lee, Kam Woods
Issues brainstorm
  • Incorporate the disk images into existing workflows and repository systems
  • Generation of metadata conforming to EAD, MODS/METS and PREMIS
  • Application of filtering and access permissions to protect sensitive data.
List of Issues Permission Overlays
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