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Status of SCAPE APIs:

API Responsibility Description Documentation Implementation  
C3PO C3PO        
Scout Scout        
Notification Plato        
Data Connector Repository Create, retrieve, search and update digital objects within repository. v1.1 (PDF)
Fedora 4 reference implementation
Lily (partial) reference implementation
RODA (link needed)
Report Repository Retrieve information about events that take place on a repository. v1.0 (PDF)
RODA reference implementation
Plan Management Repository Manage and initiate execution of preservation plans. v1.0 (PDF)
Fedora 4 reference implementation
RODA (link needed)
Job Submission Service
Execution Platform
Perform and monitor parallel data processing operations on the Execution Platform.
Component SCAPE Component Catalogue Discover, retrieve and register SCAPE Components in/from the SCAPE Component Catalogue v? (HTML) Not live yet
Sandbox implementation
LDS3 Data Publication Platform Publish and manage complex linked-data datasets in the the Data Publication Platform v? (HTML) Demonstrator  

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