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BL Developer Platform

Platform-ID String   Platform BL 0
Platform description String   This is a pseudo-distributed single-node Hadoop instance running on a virtual machine on our work laptops and is used for our development. Initial evaluation will be performed on this platform with the long term goal being to run against both experimental DPT platform and using the BL cluster.
Number of nodes integer   1
Total number of physical CPUs integer   1
CPU specs string   1 Intel Core i5-2540M CPU @ 2.6GHz
Total number of CPU-cores integer   1
Total amount of RAM in Gbytes
integer   2GB
average CPU-cores for nodes
integer   1
avarage RAM in Gbytes for nodes
integer   2GB
Operating System on nodes
String   Debian "testing", fairly current as of test date
Storage system/layer String   HDFS on virtual disk.
Network layer between nodes String   n/a

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