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This page contains the work done for  CP084 : Implementation and release packaging complete (conversion tools) 02. 

For this checkpoint, three tools of QA are packaged:

Tool Name
Wiki Page
Source Code Debian Package
xcorrSound Migration QA Migration Qa is a part of xcorrSound tool. It splits two audio files into equal sized blocks (default 5 seconds) and outputs the correlation for each block (a_i,b_i), if a and b was the input. xcorrSound Migration QA Source
xcorrSound Migration QA Tool Specs has a number of not too big wav files that can be used for testing
MatchBox The Matchbox tool is responsible for finding duplicate pairs in a collection of digital documents based on SIFT features and SSIM methods. MatchBox Source MatchboxTools_1.0.0.deb

Dpkg --i MatchboxTools_1.0.0_incl_libs.deb
Chmod 755 /usr/bin/

Pagelyzer Pagelyzer is a tool which compares two web pages versions and decides if they are similar or not. Pagelyzer Source
Pagelyzer ToolSpecs  
Jpylyzer Jpylyzer Source Code --  
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