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Components and Component Profiles will be stored on myExperiment. Taverna (and other tools) will be able to search myExperiment to discover components.

Component Structure on myExperiment


Components will be structured as packs on myExperiment. A component pack contains the workflow that implements the component and (optionally) documentation, example data and any other information related to the component. Example at

Component Families

Components will be grouped into component families: a collection of components that conform to the same component profile and have common purpose. Multiple component families may have the same component profile. For example, in SCAPE we may choose to create component families for Image Migration and Audio Migration that both use the Migration Component Profile. Component families may also contain documentation that is common to all components in the family. Example at

Component Profiles

Component profiles are files on myExperiment. A component profile file will tagged with 'component profile'. Example at

Querying Components

Components can be queried by their semantic annotations through myExperiment's REST API. A special endpoint /components.xml will be created, which will return a list of suitable components (as workflows) when a HTTP GET request, with a set of parameters detailing their required properties, is made.

The components query endpoint is further documented at

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  1. Jun 03, 2013

    All three myexperiment links are broken. Could somebody help find the correct references, please?