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Danish TV broadcasts, mpeg video
Description sample of a 430 TB collection
  • In the sample
    • 500 Gbytes mpeg-2 video with Danish TV broadcasts
      • number of files: 18
      • average file size: 27.7 Gb
      • largest file: 54.2 Gb
    • 200 Gbytes mpeg-1 video with Danish TV broadcasts
      • number of files: 48
      • average file size: 4.2 Gb
      • largest file: 10 Gb
Licensing Sample only available to SCAPE partners that sign licence available at: SCAPE Agreement Sharing testdata with Statsbiblioteket
Owner The State and University Library, Aarhus (SB)
Dataset Location
Collection expert Bjarne Andersen (SB)
Issues brainstorm
  • Validation? Do the files conform to standard?
  • identification + properties (both sound and video) for preservation; large collection; distributed platform
List of Issues IS22 Characterise and Validate very large mpeg-1 and mpeg-2 files
IS45 Audio and Video Recordings have unreliable broadcast time information
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