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Danish TV broadcasts (wmv - windows media video)
Description sample of a 4 TB collection
  • In the sample
    • 200 Gbytes windows media video (wmv) with Danish TV broadcasts
      • number of files: 732
      • average file size: 273 Mb
      • largest file: 1 Gb
Licensing Sample only available to SCAPE partners that sign licence available at: SCAPE Agreement Sharing testdata with Statsbiblioteket
Owner The State and University Library, Aarhus (SB)
Dataset Location
Collection expert Bjarne Andersen (SB)
Issues brainstorm
  • Migration. We do not want to keep wmv for preservation. Earlier ffmpeg migrations has failed on some files?! Some of the migrated files had sound and video out of sync. Detection of these 'failed migrations' is a QA issue. Is there another tool, which can migrate these files? Or can we fix the out-of-sync files? Step 1: Try migration again with newer updated tools to see if we actually get these out-of-sync errors again?
List of Issues IS13 wmv to Video Format-X Migration Results in Out-of-sync Sound and Video
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