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Evaluation specs component level

Evaluation seq. num.
First evaluation
Evaluator-ID email [email protected] Unique ID of the evaluator that carried out this specific evaluator.
Evaluation describtion text Characterisation tool for NeXus files  

- NeXus file format validation 
- Metadata extraction
Throughput of the characterisation tool for NeXus files
Evaluation-Date DD/MM/YY 09/11/2012 Date of evaluation
Dataset(s) string
OPF STFC scientific datasets
Link to dataset page(s) on WIKI  
Workflow method string
- script
- Java code calling a command line tool
Taverna / Commandline / Direct hadoop etc...
Workflow(s) involved
n/a Link(s) to MyExperiment if applicable
Tool(s) involved
URL(s) NeXus Data Format Windows Distribution Kits
- To extract metadata from NeXus files, the command line tool requires a XML mapping file which is written by ISIS for each instrument. They are still working on producing the mapping files for all of their instruments.
Link(s) to distinct versions of specific components/tools in the component registry if applicable
Link(s) to Scenario(s) URL(s)
 General Scientific Data Handling Scenarios  

Local setup

Value Description
Description String Windows Human readable description of the "platform" - e.g. Bjarnes Linux PC
Total number of physical CPUs integer   Number of CPU's involved
CPU specs string 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i5-2557M processor with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 
Specification of CPUs
Total number of CPU-cores integer 1 Number of CPU-cores involved
Total amount of RAM in Gbytes
integer 6 Total amount of RAM on all nodes
Operating System
String Windows 7 Professional 64 
Linux (specific distribution), Windows (specific distribution), other?
Storage system/layer String local files NFS, HDFS, local files, ?

Evaluation points

metrics must come from / be registered in the metrics catalogue

Metric Baseline definition Baseline value
Goal Evaluation 1 (date)
Evaluation 2 (date)
Evaluation 3 (date)
Instrumental data from older instruments is stored in raw format rather than nexus. The raw format contains less useful metadata.

Nexus files from the EMU instrument were used for this evaluation. The revised evaluation figure was obtained using the whole set of testing data, instead of a filtered subset originally used. Further improvements will be considered.

As of Nov 2012, ISIS has approximately 3.5T of nexus files. 

n/a 70G 65.7G    
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